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Thread: Acrylic Or Gel??

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    Default Acrylic Or Gel??

    LSBW--Brought up a good thread on gel or acrylic...I wwanted to get a poll to see what everyone thought!

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    dolophin i must personally tell you that gel nails are the best type of fake nails to put on......because they are gel they last longer, look a lot nicer, and do not cause creases in your nails like acrylic nails next time someone is getting pampered pleaseeee get gel ull thank urself in the end for getting them!

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    so do u guys suggest i get gel nails on for prom?? do they look anything at all different or exactly the same??

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    Default prom nails

    I personally recommend gel. I think gel nails look much nicer.

    Come on ladies!! Let's get Aggeloudi looking BEAUTIFUL for Prom!!! What does everyone else think for her!!!!!!!!

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    go for gel nails trust me aggeloudi its def gel nails

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    Default I agree, gel is the way to go!

    I decided to have fake nails put on a while back, and opted for gel. I am glad I did. alot of girls i knew have acrylic, and they were always splitting or breaking.....ouch....while the gel one i had continued to stay nice!

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    I was a real bad nail biter, put acrylis nails on for a wile then changed to gel, both are not great, after a while your nails end up paper thin and the nail beds are sore from all the buffing. I now have great healthy nails, long and strong, fake nails did help me to want to stop putting my nails in my mouth though.

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    Default nails

    I agree with Andrea that fake nails do make your nails unhealthy and weak, so that they break easily! Although I enjoy getting my nails done a couple of time in the year, I usually just have clear nailpolish on. Fortunately, my nails are long and stronger now!

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    Post The Gel or Acrylic

    I just go to a brand new nail tech. She has used both gel and acrylic on my nails. The gel is way better. But as for the people who say that their nails are paper thin. Where your nail techs using files to make your nails more rough, or where they using the dremmil tool . If your nail tech is using a dremmil tool on your nails throw her *** to the curb and find a nail tech who will only use a file on your real nails. There should be no reason that when you take off your nails that they should be paper thin. And if your nail tech has the right training she would know that.
    I am glad that I found this tech. She is the greatest girl, and she told me stuff that I did not know about my nail. I don't know what I would do with out her.

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    Thumbs down

    Last time I got my nails done at the mall, a foreign man worked on them. What do men know about nails anyway?! Well, you are absolutely right!!!! He was using the rough nail file and the buffer machine-thing on my REAL nails. I guess I should have complained. By they way, he did a terrible job!!! After I walked out, I came back a little later and asked for a gentle nail file to smooth out the rough edges he had left on my nails. How do these people get certified?

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