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Thread: Sex after getting paragard

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    Post Sex after getting paragard

    So after placing the paragard in my doctor failed to answer a very important question and I just realized it today...When can I start having sex again?

    Does anyone know when's an ok time to start having sex again? I just got it put in on tuesday, still have bleeding but barely any since it's off and on.

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    For ParaGard, I read in their pamphlet that protection starts after it has been inserted. I too had ParaGard. You can have sex when you feel it's comfortable to have it. I waited 5 days after insertion just to give my uterus some time to adjust. I did bleed on and off for those 5 days.

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    ok that's good to know :] I was scared someone was going to tell me I need to wait months...I honestly don't know if my boyfriend and I could hold out for months lol

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    My dr said come back in a week for an ultrasound to make sure its in the right place. I just had one put in yesterday. I just had my first child in november and its my husbands third. I cant be on the pill. I want one more child and he doesnt so i could have either had my tubes tied or get the paragard. Im also only 20 and hes 29.

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