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Thread: scar tissue on the overy

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    Unhappy scar tissue on the overy

    Hi all,if anyone can help pls do as im pulling my hair out.
    3years ago i had a cyst on my overy burst i was rushed to hospital where they removed the cyst but managed to save my overy,ever since then iv still been in pain,last year i had a lapo to remove scarr tissue again they saved my overy but found one of my tubes was blocked but not damaged,but again since them im stil in pain,i suffer from pain in my left and right side (not at the same time) irreg periods,worse pain aroung my gyne first said it was ibs but these symt dont sound like ibs,i had another scan a few months ago and they found scar tissue on the overy again but can these symptoms be down to scar tissue?
    If anyone has any adv pls help.

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    Default possibilites

    Hey there... Well I was like you with that whole thing. I have had severe chronic pain around my ovaries. I was sent to a specialist and he also said I had IBS which yes it is a possiblitie as your bowels surround everything very tightly as I was told but with having the cyst rupture I would be worried maybe you have endometriosis. Have they tried looking into that? That is where all my pain is for the most part and it took a pelvic ultrasound to even get noticed somthing was wrong then they tied my tubes and did a LAP to explore everything very closely. Come to find out I had stage 4 endometriosis which yes it is very painfull and can attach to ovaries and your tubes and other organs maybe bring that up to your GYN and see waht they think of that option to look more closely that is the only way I was diagonosed with my condition.

    Hope this help if you wanna talk more about this let me know Im very happy to help out

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    Default Scar Tissue/Ovary

    It was the same for me too. My stage IV endo caused many gastrointestinal problems. When I was originally diagnosed with it, my doc said it was everywhere but A LOT was in my colon area. Over the years I continued with many health problems both gyn & many others. Thank God for natural alternatives. I no longer suffer from any health problems and I am in the best health (and shape) of my life. I am here too in case you need to talk.



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