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Thread: Internal Vaginal Pain

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    Default Internal Vaginal Pain

    I have been having internal pain deep inside my vaginal. It feels like the walls are inflamed. It hurts to use a tampon. When I tried it felt like all of my insides were sore. Any idea what this is?

    It all started 3 months ago when I took antibiotics. Since then I have been taking difluan and using creams to try to get rid of the yeast infection my doctor said I had. Finally I had gotten everything to go away but no I am having this pain. It started a few days into my period and it was took uncomfortable to use tampons.

    Btw I am 29yo, have only had sex with one guy this entire year.

    The last time I went the doctor took some other cultures and gave me the cream form of flagyl.

    Anyone know what this might me?

    THANKS a bunch!


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    That's a tough one, seems that you had a yeast infection and cleared it, usually obtained from lovely antibiotics, thanks we love that, but something is a-mis?

    It may be that there is another infection further inside, i suggest you go back to your Doctor and mention this, unfortunately you may need more antibiotics and the cycle continues.

    Love being a woman hey.

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    I have also had this problem I had to take 3 lots of antibiotics about 2 months ago for an ear infection which did not clear and the burning in my vagina started after that I though it was thrush from the antibiotics and used Canesten a few times and it did not clear up. I also developed have an itchand discharge, I have had swabs taken which were clear. I thought I had damaged myself inside from the thrush treatment but it will still not clear up.
    As I am 50 and passed the menopause the doctor thinks it may be Vaginal Atrophy and I have been using vaginal moisturisers which do not help. I have tried everything but no sucess yet.


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