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Thread: Im a teen and have hair on neck!!

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    Default Im a teen and have hair on neck!!

    Oh great. Just a ripe teenager and suddenly getting sprouts of black hair on my chin, and of course I panic and tweeze it. Then it spread! On to my jaw line and my neck! Of course I am a teen, and have absolutely no money to even consider laser hair removal (and anyways I am too embarrased to tell my parents).

    WHAT DO I DO??? Wax it? I mean I even have a 5'oclock shadow and it is really really embarrasing. I wont even go out after school unless I cover my neck in foundation to cover the dark spots.


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    I would go to the Doctors personally and ask about your hormones and if there is an imbalance, whether the pill will help with that, or what you can do...

    I know it can be embarrasing but your body is probably changing I am sure your Doctor can advise you on this that may not involve lazer treatments..

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    Post the pill

    My doctor once tried me on a tablet called "Dianette" not sure if thats spelt right.I was told to stop taking this tablet for facial hair because i was over weight,smoked and too old.Anyone else with facial hair problems reading this i say go and have a word with your doctor about it.I was dissapointed i had to stop taking this tablet i could see a difference.Your only young give it a try.


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    My friend in work has noticed hair growing on her neck and I'll give you the same advice I told her, go and see your doctor. I'm the other end of the scale at 49 I'm seeing an increase in hair which I'm putting down to my hormones and the change my body is definately going through.
    Don't be embarrased to chat to your mum and make an appointment to see your doctor.

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