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Thread: Period every other month

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    Default Period every other month


    For over a year now I have only had my period every 2 months (example: Period in January but not February and then a period in March). I never really cared or thought about it till recently. I'm worried cause I haven't heard of someone having their period every other month unless they were on medication of some sort. Oh yeah, I'm not on any medications, by the way. I have not talked to a doctor about this, in fact I haven't seen a doctor in a long while (I'm not a fan of doctors or hospitals and also its been difficult to make an appointment since I started college). My last period was towards the end of January. Unfortunately, I have a bad memory and can not recall the exact date. It is now March 25th and I still have not had my period but if I'm still consistent with my period-every-two-months thing it should start within about a week, hopefully. Does anyone know why someone might not have their period every month?

    Health info:
    -5' 2"
    -no medications being taken - with the exception of Ibuprofen for headaches every now and then
    -vitamins taken - Daily Multi vitamin and fish oil
    -little exercise (hence the horrible weight)

    not sure if any of that is useful or not but I figured I'd throw that out there.

    Thank you for your time and thoughts,

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    So no one has responded at all. It's now June, have you gotten your period twice by now? June is the month you'd be skipping, correct?

    I'm actually very similar to you. Before I was on the BC pill I was every other month. I was on the pill for 11 months and my period became extremely regular. I have been off the bc pill for a couple of months and my period has been doing wacky things. After getting off the pill my period came normally. Then it came 46 days later, then 11 days, and now it's been 49. I'm probably reverting back to before I was on the pill. Which means the next period I get is in July at some point.

    I don't know the reason for this, I'm under the impression that it's either hormonal problems (which is why I got off of hormonal birth control) or that some women are just regular in this every-other-month way. I just want you to know that I share this same routine and am also looking for answers.

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    Default Same Problem(issh)

    I am just 14 but I have the exact same thing. My cycles have been like this since I started (about three years ago) but I have researched it and it seems to be normal if its always been the same. Though now I haven't had a period for 10 weeks which I am getting worried about =S x

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    Default Me aswell

    I have had my period for a while now, i'm 15 going on 16 and, recently in the past four months i have had the same problem as you guys. To be honest i'm kind of freaking out about it, i havnt mentioned it to my mother incase its just a random thing and there is no actual problem. I have read about Pre mature menopause and im a lil bit scared

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    Old thread.

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