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Thread: No Period but weight gain

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    Default No Period but weight gain

    Please help me. I am wondering why I had been at a steady weight of 150lbs and within months I've gained 22lbs. I also have not had me period for months. I am not pregnant and have always had irregular periods even with birth control. Is there any relationship between not having a normal menstrual cycle and weight gain? What can I do?

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    Hormones do play a big part in weight gain. With your period stopping completely, that is an indicator of a possible hormone fluctuation which could be due to several things. You are certain you could not be pregnant? Have you had sex at all around the time you stopped having your cycle?

    You should probably go see your gynecologist. There are some health conditions which can cause the period to completely stop. Three months with no period is long enough to be concerning. You may need a hormone test or something of that nature.

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    Default hey, chicka

    You know what I was in the same boat a couple years ago. It could be either a) your metabolism is slowing down- As a person gets older there metabolism slows down every year. or B) You could have Hypothyroidism, get your thyroid checked, if you havent already.

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