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Thread: no blood clots during "period"? NEED HELP

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    Exclamation no blood clots during "period"? NEED HELP

    Okay, I've been trying to find answers for my problem for awhile now, but no luck unfortunately. My periods are acting weird. They've been coming earlier (which could be from stress, which i don't feel "stressed", i push things out my mind), then the end of December my period was weird. I've never experienced one like it. I've been having periods for 9 years now. My stomach hardly cramped, and I didn't have a heavy period. I could barely wear a regular tampon, and/or a panty liner and that was it. There was no blood clots either. It was mainly brown blood. I've had unprotected sex the last week of november, the beginning of december, and the middle of december, and a couple of times in january. I bleed, but it doesn't feel like a period. I don't have pregnancy symptoms though. I have heartburn, and i felt a little queasy today, and a little constipation. The heartburn comes out of nowhere too. This period was the same as last. It was mainly brown blood, and no blood clots. It wasn't heavy, and my stomach didn't really cramp.My periods usually start off heavy for a couple of days then go to light, then just brown blood. Now, it's not heavy at all. What could be going on? I've taken pregnancy test from the end of december til just now and they've been negative. Also, before my period at the end of december i had light brown spotting a week before my period. I've NEVER had this. It was only noticeable on the toilet paper when I wiped. I'm not on medicine, or anything. I don't work out, and I eat how I've always eaten.

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    The brown blood is probably just old blood coming out.

    When was the last time you've been in to have an exam?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LanaBear View Post
    The brown blood is probably just old blood coming out.

    When was the last time you've been in to have an exam?
    i had a pap smear in september, then in november. i've been tested for stds

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