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Thread: Thyroid Problems Can Cause Irregular Periods

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    Default Thyroid Problems Can Cause Irregular Periods

    Well I went to my doctor today and she felt my neck and she said my thyroid was feeling a little big. She wants me to get a thyroid ultrasound done and also a pelvic ultrasound with blood work done to make sure nothing is seriously wrong. But she also told me more than likely since I missed three months of my period probably caused the heavy bleeding and clotting. I had no idea that thyroids can cause a period to be irregular. So I will have to go to Metro Health and get checked out. And for birth control she told me to wait first to make sure my period isn't going crazy again. She recommend me Ortho 777 and she said I may have some irregular bleeding at first because my body will need to get used to it. I hate the thought of getting blood work done though. I hate needles. Hopefully this will help some of you here too with irregular periods. Next time you go to your doctor have he or she check your thyroid to see if that is causing the problem.

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    From what I understand, the thyroid controls all the hormones in your body so that part makes sense.
    Sorry you hate needles, I know that getting blood work must be really scary with that fear. Just keep in mind that it's for your health.
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    I have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) and my periods have been affected by it. I am on synthroid for that though. And yes the thyroid is like one of the main control systems in your body...tons and tons of things happen because of it and doctors usually check it right away if periods are irregular.

    No one likes getting needles though, heck I have had literally hundreds and I am still not used to them. Everytime I go in through I ask the tech if he/she can use the "butterfly needle" is a thinner type needle so it will automatically hurt less than the regular styled one. The problem with that though is the butterfly needle has a long thin tube that goes to the collection tube so it will take longer for the blood to be taken. But a good thing is because it is a long tube that the blood flows through you do not need to feel the tech pushing the tube out of the socket when they put a new collection tube in - sometimes when they do that they cannot hold the needle still enough so it will move around and hurt even more. So the way I see it is if there is less pain then I can wait for the minute longer.
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    Default synthroid

    I am a recent diagnosed Hypothyroidism sufferer.

    I began with the never ending period. It was brutal. I was scared and went to the gyno. She ordered all the blood work and the internal exam was fine but the blood work showed hypothyroidism BAD..
    She told me to get to a Walk in clinic and get the meds right away. I did that and they began me with .05 Synthroid.
    A few days later the period stopped and from Jan-Apr I had spotting, light bleeding on a day or two but nothing more.
    it was during this time I was finally able to see a specialist and he began to up the dosage for me slowly
    This month of May, I began at 1.0 Synthroid and within 2 days my full horrible heavy never ending period is back. This time its so bad that I am having a really weak and horrible time with it. this is going on 3 weeks and its heavy and looks like its not letting up.
    these last few days I have been so heavy for 2 hours around the same time each day that I could soak 2-3 pads. Lots of clots too. After this heavy time I am mild and light for the rest of the day. But during that time of heavy I am unable to do anything or go anywhere. I am scared because with summer coming How can I do anything or enjoy anything bleeding like this.
    If anyone can relate then please contact me. I am the only one i know with hypothyroidism and I have to say all this bleeding is scaring the out of me.

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