I am 29 and My breasts have been hurting for about a month now. I always get sore before my period but usually once I start the pain goes away. Well this last month it didn't. I started my period July 5th and it lasted about a week. Then on July 25th I started again. So that is only two weeks after I got done with the other one I started again. This time I didn't have the cramps I usually do but my breasts haven't stopped hurting and they do hurt more than usual. My breasts started out hurting on the sides then also underneath and last on top. It was like they hardened too. My husband and I are not trying to have a baby but not preventing it either. I have been off the pill since last Nov. Does anyone have any ideas? I really don't think I am pregnant since I have had two periods in one month. I have heard it could be my age, too much estrogen and caffeine. I have an appt with my Dr. next month but I was just seeing if anyone had any ideas while I wait.. Thanks so much for reading