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Thread: How do I ride my hubby's small penis?

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    Question How do I ride my hubby's small penis?

    Now don't get me wrong, sex with my spouse is amazing even thou he might lack in the main area!! We try different positions n freely give one another oral without hesitation. We enjoy pleasing one another, but when it comes to me being on top it's a whole different story.
    He's "been with" many different women before I came along and stole his heart when I on the other hand was a virgin. He practicly turned me into his dream sex partner but my flaw is that I refuse to get on top. I always want to but his penis is not the biggest and I feel like it'll be an embarrassing failure. He continues to request the acton from me and I'm afraid to tell him what the 'small' issue is. He's a bit sensitive on the topic. I tryed one after a year into our relationship and even thou I got an orgasm in less then a few mins, his penis constantly slipped out just as I started to get into the flow of it all. Plus with the thought of not giving him the satisfaction like the others did, made the whole experience horrible for me.
    I feel like I need to learn how to please him while on top before he gets annoyed by my refusal. All the others had no problem with the position, but it's not like they were full figured women like me.

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    Thinking it might not work is no reason not to try it. If he is more experienced don't you think that he has done this before? You are more experienced now than when you tried it before.
    With this position you can get good clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal. Don't try to go up and down like a man does in missionary position. Instead kind of rocking or forward thrust going, it' hard to explain but easy to do, you want the kind of movement you get moving forward rather than up and down and more from the gluts and PC muscles than the legs. On top you can easily get more of an orgasmic wave going rather than the little "explosive" orgasm you may be more used to. Once you get that wave going you can ride it for 5-10-15 mins. Just experiment and see what you can do. Don't take as you have start doing one particular thing and keep doing it.
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    You dont need to jump all over his penis wildy lol. Just make sure you dont fly off from the excitement

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