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Thread: How to make him feel good

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    Default How to make him feel good

    My husband says every thing i do in that area is good, but i want to please him until he is speechless. Any help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ms.Mia View Post
    My husband says every thing i do in that area is good, but i want to please him until he is speechless. Any help?

    Enjoy what you do. Learn to give phenomenal blow jobs. Fondle his junk like you mean it. Relax and really enjoy it.

    I get so hot performing oral! I truly desire the reaction from my guy. I like to hear him moan. I like knowing that I am the only woman that has been able to make him cum from oral.

    Hearing him say, "I want to ********** you soooo much right now", while I'm sucking his c****** is priceless and gives me the most amazing thrill.
    "Some national parks have long waiting lists for camping reservations. When you have to wait a year to sleep next to a tree, something is wrong."
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    Mmm i like the last paragraph of the previous post

    Men get turned on not just by what you do to him, but what you do TO HIM, but the whole package, like what you wear, how you react to what he does, how your body heightens and your eyes fold back, your moans, screams, where your body folds and you are speechless as well and as much as how you take him as if he is THE MAN, not just A MAN, with absolute lust and desire not just horny and he knows all the while it is because of WHAT HE DID, to you as much as what YOU DID to him.....and the internal expressions that you opened up and gave at the same time.

    That would leave me speechless, if i was a man, but i'm not promise....


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    Default Great attitude

    You are on the right track to please you guy....

    I am a guy..... yes just a regular guy... lol

    I can tell you for certain that I like when my wife is really into whatever we are doing.... I love the sounds and the looks she gives me.... sex should be fun... not a performance test each time.... as far as oral pleasure.... it's one of my favorites - giving and getting.... keep asking questions here - you'll get some great ideas!!! I have!!!

    Right now my wife and I are looking for techniques she can practice to take me as deep as possible (it feels incredible) and then to handle my climax so there is no interruption from that point until I come back down and relax in her mouth..... this is the same thing I do for her..... she loves climaxing in my mouth and then I give her some gentle kisses and nibbles - she can't take much because she's so sensitive right afterwards...... it's very satifying to me to bring her there... she wants to be able to do the same for me.... so we're working at it...

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    Default what he says...

    When I ask my partner what he likes about sex and what feels good his reply is usually... " I love that you love it and it shows. It makes me feel like a king when you react to me like you do."

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    I asked a similar question and i ended up replying to myself because i had an experimental day!

    Quote Originally Posted by shweedart View Post
    Ive found the answer!
    mints! if i eat strong mints before giving head he loves it! its like tingle lube without my face getting greasey! brilliant, tastes good too!

    and aswell if he's sat on the bed and im on my knees I let him put it between my boobs and push them against it...that +mints+different speeds+ball rubbing=best blowjob ever apparently...
    its great making him fall in love with me that bit more :P
    ooooh yeah

    and aswell the mint thing has inspired him also! afterwards he suggested that maybe he tried it on me

    one word :



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